• This project was contemplated as the twelfth Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize 2012

    Photographers invited - Kim-Ir-Sen

    Kim-Ir-Sen, 64, with 44 years in professional photography. In his resumé, a great experience in photojournalism, advertising and ecological and social photodocumentation acquired at work for various newspapers and magazines in Brazil and abroad. But also with personal projects, such as documentation of various indigenous rituals. His forceful and expressive photograph is part of the visual heritage of the country. The photographer was also dedicated to schools teaching photography for beginners and professionals.In the 80s it was a partner of AGIL Photojournalism, an agency that was a reference to investigative journalism in Brazil

    Currently living in Goiânia, Goiás, he invests in some personal projects and in his Image Bank formed by thousands of images: www.kimage.com.br, a company dedicated to developing multimedia interactive projects, cinema and videos. One such film “Second Class Passenger” has just received its ninth award. The film “Roque Pereira: Eco-sustainable Furniture”, finalized in June 2004, was awarded at the VI Fica-Environmental Film and Video International Festival, the Medal of Cultural Merit, audiovisual field, by the Goiás State Council of Culture, 2007. He is a Postgraduate in Visual Anthropology at the Catholic University of Goiás, held 44 group exhibitions and 14 individual ones in Brazil and abroad.


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