• This project was contemplated as the twelfth Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize 2012

    Photographers invited - Luiz Clementino

    There are times when the photographic activity is a process of total detachment. When there is no will and a goal of what to do, the procedure becomes purely intuitive. We enter into an endless space where nothing is given or pre-established. The commitment is to identify with the charm, which manifests itself in.
    Imbued with this provision, the Austrian photographer Ernst Haas once said that photography is a big ocean we swim in different ways and at different depths. I think that this perception has to do with what we are talking about.
    I say this because in the segment of our professional work we are subject to obey the guidance of those who hire us. That is, we have to capture the images according to what the customer wants. There is nothing to discuss, the result has to please the contractor.
    As the path closed every day, this superb vegetation in greatly provides a free shot. We faced with wonderful compositions in space chromatic aberration as the aesthetic form.
    The Vital Energy is expressed in various forms of life, giving us a grand spectacle.
    And in the context of creative and artistic impulse come times when painting and photography have common expressions. Since the source of drinking the artists to borrarem its beautiful screens, also quenches the thirst of photographers sensitized by light.
    This exhibition SAVANNA IMPRESSIONISTIC, like other picture I made, were drawn up in full relaxation time interval and momentary harmony with the image that appears in our universe.
    It is a personal project!