• This project was contemplated as the twelfth Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize 2012

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    Online Exhibition Delfim Martins


    Online Exhibition Delfim Martins
    From September 22nd through November 15th, the RAW gallery, from the Museu da Fotografia Documental – MDF (Museum of Documental Photography), receives the collection of awarded photographer Delfim Martins. The exhibit entitled Trabalho & Trabalhadores – do campo á Urbe (The Work and Workers – from the field to the city) is part of the 8th Primavera dos Museus (Spring of Museums), a national event idealized by the Instituto Brasileiro de Museus (Brazilian Institute of Museums).

    The Museu da Fotografia Documental is a web museum founded in Brasília, and it aims to contribute with a reflection and refinement of the documental Brazilian photography.

    With a collection of 300 photos, the museum recovers the period of occupation of Brazil’s west, occurred between 1940 and 1960. Considered as gold of documental photographic production, the historical records can be visited on the electronic address www.mfd.mus.br.

    On RAW’s gallery, the visitor will find guests’ photographic essays. In it’s first year of existence, the museum provided the public with essays from renowned photographers like Luís Humberto, Rui Faquini and Orlando Brito.

    The Museu da Fotografia Documental is maintained by Terra Vermelha Cultural, an institution of the third sector, located in Brasíla, which is always in tune with the capital’s photographic movement.


    Delfim Martins was born in 1951, in Barcelos, Portugal. Autodidact, began his career at Mackenzie University, in 1973.

    In 1979, Martins became the head of Visão Magazine’s photographic’s department, where he was part of since 1975. During that same period, he participated in the foundation of F4 Agency along with his brother Juca Martins, Nair Benedicto, and Ricardo Malta.

    Nowadays, he is the photograph director of Pulsar Imagens and caters to main agribusiness companies. The work of the photographer was published in dozens of books about the subject. Martins has a big photographic collection of Brazil’s food production, the result of 30 years of travels through the country.

    His production is licensed by Pulsar Imagens (www.pulsarimagens.com.br) and Tyba Agência Fotográfica (www.tyba.com.br).