• This project was contemplated as the twelfth Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize 2012

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    The photographer


    Search, recognition in the Brazilian West.

    Roberto Castello as a photographer of the Federal Government in the 80s, took trips, made ​​many pictures and researched the history of historical figures such as Marechal Rondon, and other less known but no less important. As General José Vieira Couto Magalhães, pioneer of steam navigation in the Midwest or explorers Francisco (father) and Apoena Meireles (son). Francisco Meireles in a statement as could restore dialogue with the Xavante Indians in 1946. Traumatized by the carnage they were exterminating their people, these Indians killed any white who dared to approach, The breakup with white men happened in the 1800s, when of these killings, the settlers sent the Portuguese government five thousand pairs of ears xavantes. The first contact of the modern age has made ​​the edge of the deaths River in Mato Grosso. Chico was alone and after numerous exchange of gifts he was surrounded with numerous spears but was not attacked. The Xavante were offended and this dialogue took five days. I am proud to have known Apoena Meireles and the work of his father, somehow I felt compelled to search in its entirety in this epic Midwest.