• This project was contemplated as the twelfth Funarte Marc Ferrez Photography Prize 2012

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    The photographer


    Search, recognition in the Brazilian West. Roberto Castello as a photographer of the Federal Government in the 80s, took trips, made ​​many pictures and researched the history of historical figures such as Marechal Rondon, and other less known but no less important. As General José Vieira Couto Magalhães, pioneer of steam navigation in the Midwest…

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    Documentary Photography


    True time capsule, the images once signed on different types of paper and digitally today moving in dizzying number – something like a trillion – the World Wide Web demonstrate that photography is one of the most used tools of representation of human genius. Incidentally, never produced so visual memory. We live in a wonderful…

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    French school Le Fresnoy


    The National Museum of Brasilia and the French school Le Fresnoy promoted under the patronage of the Embassy of France in the period 11 a March 15, 2014 workshops: “Technologies and Possibilities” INTRODUCTION TO THE MEETING TOPICS, opening with the curator of the project Wagner Barja. LE FRESNOY A PLACE OF CREATION UNICA, talk on…

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